I’ve spent the past 20+ years of my career advising big companies and nonprofits about how to do good while doing good business.

But I’ve spent my whole life eating granola.

My mom, Pat, was the homemade-granola queen before it was en vogue. Now a mom myself, I’ve been making granola for years — and I’ve crafted a super delicious and healthy version, with ingredients like olive oil, grade A Vermont maple syrup, dried cherries, and homemade vanilla salt. My kids love it and eat it every morning. (With fiber from grains, nuts, and fruit, it’s much more filling than processed cereal.) The more friends I shared it with, the more I heard “Girl, you gotta sell this stuff!”

So I’m doing it: I am making and selling granola. Only I don’t want the profits. I’m going to take all of the advice I’ve given to clients over the years and run a company that offers double goodness — a nutritious, delicious product that makes your taste buds happy, and an opportunity to give back to the community.

Imagine if you bought a 1 lb bag of granola for $14 and $7 of that went to the community — to local organizations and causes that matter to you. That’s granola that does good. That’s Greater Good Granola.

Thanks for your support!

Mandy Levenberg

Founder of Greater Good Granola, Founder LEV Strategies

Seattle, WA

The original Greater Good Granola marketing department

The original Greater Good Granola marketing department


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