What is your full ingredient list?

Organic oats, organic pecans, organic sunflower seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, unsweetened organic coconut chips, organic Vermont grade A maple syrup, organic olive oil, organic dried cherries & homemade organic vanilla salt. 

I have considered offering a gluten-free version but it requires a lot of new certification that isn't in the cards right now.  (the only thing officially with gluten in current recipe are the oats)

How can I get my hands on some of this delicious stuff? 

You can email via the contact form or directly to mandy@greatergoodgranola.com and let us know how much you want

  • a 1 pound "one-off"/one time purchase $14

  • a 2 pound a month subscription - the "porch program" $25 + $2 for jar deposit

 We will email you back confirming the amount you've ordered, the price and when it will be waiting for you on our porch. 

Why don't you let us just order seamlessly from your website?

I have a cottage food license which comes with restrictions on how I sell this product. Online sales are a "no-no" according to my friends at the Washing State Department of Agriculture.

Do you take credit cards? 

Yes! I use Square. I can accept payment via Paypal (mandy@greatergoodgranola.com) and can also take your credit card number by phone and process it. Checks are welcome too. 

Do you make each batch by hand/from scratch/ in your own kitchen/often after 10pm?

Yes, but not as often as I've got a helper now. Our friend Eva has been saving me from the moonlighting of earlier years!

How much money have you given away and how often do you rotate charities?  

We have given away $50,000!! We rotate charities about every quarter.

Can we pay you extra for the granola knowing that anything above and beyond your costs to run the business go directly to charity? 

Of course.

Do you have any more of those cute, super soft, comfy Greater Good Granola t-shirts? 

YES!!! In all sizes.

Do you also run a marketing consulting practice?

Why yes, I do.  Check it out, Lev Strategies.

More questions: email me directly, mandy@greatergoodgranola.com