The granola itself is delicious. The Greater Good makes it taste even better: We donate all profits from each sale to Seattle community organizations. Every time you buy our granola, you can feel good knowing that every cent over the full cost of making this granola will go to support our community.

After 3 years in business we have been able to donate over $40,000 to the community.

We have also donated to many other important causes.

2017 was big (and our agenda has been set by our awful president). We gave away over $7,000.

$1,000 Moms Demand Action
$1,000 United We Dream
$1,000 International Rescue Committee
$1,000 Planned Parenthood
$2,000 Family Works
+ inkind to a few other causes. 

Our chosen cause for January/February, was Manos por la Salud- an organization fighting poverty and bringing medical supplies to those in need in Venezuela. We were able to donate $500. Gracias! March & April we raised money for Everytown for Gun Safety $500. 

For June, in response to the horror happening across our borders of separating immigrant families-we will give 100% of our profits support the good work of the Florence Project. 



The Florence Project provides and coordinates free legal services and related social services to indigent men, women, and unaccompanied children detained in Arizona for immigration removal proceedings. The Project strives to ensure that detained individuals have access to counsel, understand their rights under immigration law, and are treated fairly and humanely by our judicial system.


How do we choose the charities? We like to keep the cause as close to the product as possible. We also find that we are increasingly setting our giving agenda based on what our current administration continues to say and do- usually the antithesis of our values and ethics. In addition, hunger continues to plague our community, and we plan to channel a large chunk of our profits toward fighting it and any and all causes with hunger/food safety adjacencies. 

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