March Madness= Greater Goodness

March Madness is upon us. 

Spring sports have fired up, carpools aren't fully in place yet and suddenly all things feel a bit crazy. This madness doesn't mean there cannot be goodness- Greater Good Granola goodness. Let's fire up spring orders so that we can amass a generous donation for our new community partners at City Fruit! 

Here are a few reasons to stock up on GGG to confront the madness of March: 
-A fun new bracket office pool prize: GGG pouches! (Dickie V would be proud!)
-A great snack to keep in the car whilst schlepping kids to and from Spring sports. (Granola bars may be in GGG's future?!)
-Spring breakers- why not take a few pouches along for the plane and to offer your generous hosts? (Granola is trending in Daytona Beach.) 

Get your March Madness, Greater Goodness on my friends.

Place your orders today.

Yours in Greater Goodness,