And we're back--- Greater Goodness for your end of summer and fall appetites

As your mourn the end of summer (and fist pump as the kids get back to school), you can raise a glass of your final rosé and celebrate the re-opening of the Greater Good Granola kitchens!  

We took a baking break, swam in the Puget Sound, relished the wild blackberries within reach everywhere, got a ton of vitamin D and now, and we heard from a bunch of you that you missed your granola. We're back! And we're ready to bake and sell some granola for the greater good! 

We are proud to announce we have scratched a check for $1,700 to our community partners at City Fruit! They have been great partners for us and we're so glad to support their efforts. Thank you for all of your purchases to make that donation possible. 

Greater Good Granola will once again be offering its profits for this fall quarter toFamily Works and soliciting our spring non-profit partner from all of you at the end of the year!

So, what are you in store for this fall?
- We've still got the GGG Subscription program:  1 x month a full 2 pound jar awaits you on my porch. This also can happen via mail for you non-Seattlites. 

-1 pound pouches,these can be ordered alone (one pound one-offs) and placed on the porch or shipped. 

-Gift shipments and holiday orders (we'll be taking those beginning mid- October) 

-Granola bars! A few of you got to purchase and enjoy these beauties. We'll bring them back once we get production up and running. 

-T-shirts- we'll like order another batch if there is enough demand.

Place your orders today.

Yours in Greater Goodness,