The Greater Good Holiday Spirit

The time is here. Art Fairs selling little trinkets, ornaments and decorative mugs lining the shelves of Starbucks. To gift or not to gift- that is oft the question. Maybe the question should be, if I gift, how can I make it more meaningful this year? How can I be sure that while delighting a friend or a relative I am also making my community better?

These are questions that can be solved quick and simple with Greater Good Granola. I personally am going into the holiday season feeling so very proud of my friends and family and their support of this little company. I am delighted that they are passing up the chance to pay $8-12 for a bag of granola that tastes good (not great mostly) and doesn't do anything other than fill their bellies and the pocketbook of the seller. 

Things are about to get nuts at GGG- so far we're nearing 100 pounds of granola pre-ordered for the holidays. This is the perfect DIY without any D. Friends are ordering bags with gift tags and some are ordering 10 pounds in bulk and plan to put it in their own jars, using GGG tags and distribute to their friends.  A dear friend just ordered 35 pounds. Like I said, things are about to get nuts.