Breaking GOOD- inspiration for a new hit show?

The first month of Greater Good Granola has been so exciting. Monthly porch subscribers signed up, lots of people came to try samples on the porch, one pound bags flew out the door and shipments went across the country.  Friends have told friends, Wallyhood covered us with such a nice piece, people have come to the porch and granola has been eaten throughout Wallingford and Seattle.  We are on track to donate close to $1000 to Family works by the end of the year through the sales and consumption of delicious granola made in my home and purchased on my porch! The people at Family Works, our first community recipients, are thrilled and plan to have several jars of Greater Good Granola at their annual dinner fundraiser

I am floored by the community support, the friends who keep cheering this little pet project on, and the response from strangers.  I am grateful for my dear friend Julie who is recruiting new customers on Queen Anne- taking samples from the granola box on the porch to her friends and colleagues. I also have my girl Rachel in West Seattle who has fired up a bunch of buyers over there by offering to buy a second set of jars to distribute to her friends via her porch. This little business couldn't happen without my community, my dear friends and  together we're all doing one heck of a job of breaking good, greater good.

Let's see what the next few months bring. October subscriptions are open for the taking!