And so it begins...

The idea for Greater Good Granola was hatched about 6 months ago as I was talking with Clay (my husband) about the endless granola I was baking (usually after 10:30pm) and how it might be interesting to start selling the granola to benefit the community. I have preached about cause marketing for the my whole career and have helped endless clients get their socially responsible acts together, now maybe I ought to give it a try.

Cooking and baking has been in my bones from both sets of my grandmas, from my mom and her early granola making among other treats and now as an activity with my children. I love making the granola- the process of mixing the ingredients, the stirring of it it every 15 minutes, the smells in the kitchen and beyond and most importantly for me, the gratitude I get when I gift the granola. I have given this granola to neighbors, to dear friends, to family, to colleagues, to anyone in my life who I think would be delighted to receive it.  The granola is yummy- my kids think so, my friends think so and I do too.  Some people eat it dry as a snack, some prefer it on yogurt ( plain Greek seems to be a favorite), some use Almond milk and some (like me) just pour some milk over it and enjoy it in its simplest form. 

I am also super excited about our tagline and meaning behind it, "Greater Good Granola. So good, we give it all away." I want to give away all of the profits. I want to contribute the money from all sales back into the community. I have a long history of service thanks to the example my Grandpa Milt set, my parents, my religion (Tikun Olam) and the group of community-minded people I surround myself with. While I am  sure there will be lots of thinking and iterations to make the donations, the charity selections and the ongoing mission solid, I'm proud to be headed in this direction from the get go. 

I have so many lovely people in my life who have been cheering me on and telling me that I can do this... so here I come. 

The logo is complete (collaborating with Hanna has been dreamy). The website is built (thanks to my dear Britt Freda for showing me the ropes of Square Space). The granola recipe has been tried and tested and is ready to be baked.

Now I just need some customers. As my Grandma Thelma used to say when she was calling us in for dinner,  "Y'all come!!" .