Food photography, who knew?

My dear friends Jack Coble and Alisa Wyatt were coming to town to shoot some video for their very cool website Pilatesology. (yes that is Alisa on the home page!). Jack is a photographer turned videographer/web guru. I asked him to bring along his camera to take some photos of the granola. 

I sent him an email and said something to the effect of- please bring your camera, it would be nice to photograph the granola for the future if I build a website or need it. He replied, "Let's carve out 5 hours.". Five hours to shoot a tray of granola, maybe do an ingredient shot and one of me stirring with a nice wooden spoon? I thought he was wrong but still got Clay to cover the girls and whipped up a fresh batch of granola to have at the ready. 

Five hours it was, no joke. Jack is the real deal- he's done food photography before with the likes of Martha Stewart and he knew this would be a crazy generous gift to get some great shots.

We put on a good Spotify station with Helio Sequence and others and got to it. I was his assistant and watched him go to work. It really is fun to watch your dear friend in their professional element. The results of his good work and great eye populate the site and the front page shot was really a fluke. Jack had me put all of the ingredients into a bowl to photograph. He stood on our kitchen table to get a good angle down on the bowl. I interrupted him and said, "Jack, wait. Let me sprinkle some of the vanilla salt on here" and he started shooting shots of me doing that and voila, we have such a beautiful photo of my arms and hands above the beautiful ingredients of Greater Good Granola.