It's my turn

I have been passionate about cause marketing for a long time.

I get excited when I see opportunities for the for profit and non-profit sectors to work together.  I have long believed that the bridge between these two sectors that could be significant for consumers involved a cause attached to a brand, a product created in a cause's name and even more high impact and expected now, a company with a core ethos of corporate social responsibility.  

It is with these beliefs and my understanding of a market that is ripe for a product that is both great and good, I am starting a company. 

It is a funny time to do this. Clay is working on his next plan.  I am about to leave Iconoculture where I've spent 8 years to start my own consulting firm. The risks are high and yet, I cannot wait.  I keep baking batches and batches of granola and the granola is freaking delish. I keep delighting my friends and they keep telling me to sell it. And I remain compelled to give away any profits from the sales of my granola to charity.

So, I'm striving to bring it all together. I'm going to play around on the web to see other models like this (besides Newman's Own), raise my antenna about the granola market in Seattle and beyond, think about a business model for this, explore production costs and ingredient sources.  I'm going to feed this undeniable interest I have in starting a little granola company that makes a difference.