Sizing the market

I've been keeping an eye out for granola in bakeries and shops for the past year or so to see packaging and prices and to get a sense for the space. This past weekend I spent a glorious three days child-free in San Francisco with my two favorite men- Scott & Bill. We walked many miles, laughed tons and ate at so many of the yummiest spots including Boulette's larder (which his worth stopping to just buy their North African Salt) and State Bird Provisions- which totally lived up to and exceeded its hype).  We also went to one of our old favorite hangouts- the BiRite Market and I was blown away by the granola selection. I spent $55 on granola and I could have easily spent $100. 

I wanted to see packaging, I wanted to see copy and logos and I wanted to see what the granola tasted like. I schlepped it back to Seattle in my suitcase (granola can go through TSA no problem!) and opened each container and tried them all. The result? I did not like any of them. Not one. Some had walnuts, too much cinnamon, no real flavor, too much flavor, too many flax seeds. My kids (they are biased but still) wouldn't eat any of them. In the end, I dumped the whole $50 worth of oats into a large ziplock bag and gave them to my cute neighbors David and Lorianna who were grateful to receive them. 

I kept the packages and have studied the labels but this was all continued fodder for me to do this- the granola I make is delish. Period.  The mission is cool and not happening much in the granola world. Now I just need a name, a logo and a few other MAJOR odds and ends.